Stephanie Stricklen (left) was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. From the age of 18 she has worked in the restaurant business – from starting as a hostess, then waitress to eventually becoming a bartender and manager through college, she has done it all.

After graduating, she continued to work in this field because her love of people and the business had grown strongly. She moved to Burbank, CA, where she spent more time working in restaurants. She moved to Ohio in late 2004, where she worked as a bartender in the greater Cleveland area for some years, Stephanie knew by now that her long range goal was to own a bar/restaurant in either Ohio or back home in Ann Arbor.

After most recently working nearly four years at a bar in Twinsburg, she began looking for a location for her own new bar. She knew that should this dream materialize she would call it sassy’s…a name people over the years have always referred to her as. So when her aunt said that she believed in her and was extremely generous financially to her, the idea of sassy’s became a reality. Stephanie is the mother of a teenage daughter. They live in Twinsburg and will remain for many years to come…or until the next Sassy’s needs her.

The making of Sassy's...

The site of the future sassy’s was previously a day care center in Twinsburg with many possibilities. Working with an architect in the area, the structure began taking shape. Rick Anthony Jr. and her parents ; who own a construction business in Ann Arbor, combined their talents to build Stephanie’s vision of sassy’s. A slightly upscale bar, yet with neighborhood pricing. One that would feel comfortable to the local clientele Stephanie had come to love. It was a long process to get it just right. She had worked in the industry so long that she knew exactly how she wanted it to be, so it would operate efficiently. On the employee’s end as well as the customers. And of course the vibe she wanted that would be presented through the look and feel of Sassys, and why every detail mattered. After six months of construction; the process of building and then passing multiple inspections, all the while making sure each cosmetic detail was right ….Sassy’s opened Nov. 30, 2011. It is a project that is forever dear to her and the ones that know and love Miss Sassy.